We can send results direct to a mobile phone in real time providing an update of either the overall results, the results for a particular class or a category. The service may be of interest not just to competitors and spectators but also to management cars/service crews and relatives wanting to keep up to date with your progress.

Results for overall, categories & classes. A text message is sent with the results for the leading 7 or 8 competitors after each stage.

Results for a set of up to 4 competitors. When the times for all the nominated competitors are available for a stage (or a retirement is confirmed) a message is sent giving each competitor’s stage time, total time to that stage, class and overall position at the time the message is sent. Works best for a set of competitors who are running close together rather than spread through the field. Selecting only one number means that the message is sent just after we get the times for that car.

How to order. To place an order for the service for a forthcoming event please click here or on Events Index on the side bar

By the act of placing an order, you authorise TCS and NERS to send messages to your mobile phone.

We cannot accept responsibility if reception is delayed or non-existent due to poor mobile phone reception nor can we be held responsible for any errors made in the order by the cuustomer.

Sometimes it is not possible for event organisers to collect times after each stage. When this happens, you will still get a message after each stage but they may arrive within seconds of each other and possibly in the wrong order.

The information you receive comes direct from the event results system and as such is subject to change

If you are not satisfied with the service you receive, then please contact us by sending an email to sms and we will provide you with a full refund or a free subscription to a future event of similar status