Roger Albert Clark Rally - 10th to 13th November 2017

BE CAREFUL completing the order - if you give the wrong mobile phone number you won’t receive any messages!! You should receive a welcome message at the beginning of the event and one message for each stage run plus occasional news flashes with details of incidents or retirements.

After selecting a choice below you will be taken to the PayPal secure payments system where you can pay by either a PayPal account or with a credit/debit card. You may order more than one choice by clicking on the PayPal “Continue Shopping” button. Any problems email

Overall, categories & classes. A text message is sent with the results for the leading 7 or 8 competitors after each stage.

Upto 4 start numbers will send stage times, totals, overall and class positions for the selected numbers as soon as times are available for all of them. For a single car number a message will be sent as soon as its time for a stage is available. Note that positions may change if there are faster cars running after those specified

Please include your Country Code with your mobile number e.g. 447835123456 (no spaces)

Prices and Classes are:
Roger Albert Clark Rally (7.00):
Classes: B2 - B5, C2 - C5, D2 - D5, E1, E2, F1, F2, G1, G2, H1, H2
Roger Albert Clark Open Rally (7.00): Classes: J1 - J5


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